Dry Shampoo: This trick will forever change the way you use it

We all know how useful it is dry shampoo to give the hair one emergency refreshment. If you want to restore volume to the skin or fix a slightly dull fringe, a quick spritz of product and your hair immediately returns to its best.

But there is a secret trick because it dry shampoo work even better.

Usually, dry shampoo is used in the morning, when maybe you wake up late and you have underestimated the time it takes to wash and dry your hair. Prevent this dramatic situation, spraying dry shampoo before bedtime.

In this way, he will have all night to act and perform his magic. Absorbing excess oil overnight, the dust effect will disappear in time from freshly sprayed hair and you will remove the terrible “greasy effect”.

Dry shampoo should not be used as an alternative to actual hair washing and, on the contrary, you should not wash your hair every day. But in cases ofintermediate emergency, this is really an effective trick!

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