Driverless electric buses, off to the UK

THE driverless electric buses become a reality in UK, with an interesting experimentation started in Cambridge. In fact, small buses, fully battery powered and equipped with autonomous driving: they will be used to easily transport passengers from one corner of the city to another.

Called Auto-Shuttles, precisely to underline their completely autonomous nature, they were created by Aurrigo for the Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) and already promise to revolutionize city mobility. After an initial test phase on a fixed route, the buses could be distributed throughout the city.

Electric and autonomous buses, the experiment in Cambridge

The new electric buses can carry up to ten people at a time and, in this first test phase, they will travel a fixed route. The one between Madingley Park and the local Institute of Astronomy. The first experimentation it will last three months and, from the start, self-driving vehicles will circulate on busy roads. The developed system seems to be able to guarantee maximum safety, through a predictive technology of collision with other cars on the same roadway.

But that’s not all, as the bus will move to low speed precisely to maximize passenger safety: vehicles can reach at most i 32 kilometers per hour and have a maximum range of 161 kilometers.

At the moment the costs for individual passengers are not known, but it has already been anticipated how they will be expected on-demand services, 24 hours and every day of the week. A more than convenient solution for those who have to move at a time not covered by traditional public transport, without necessarily having to resort to taxis.

The first maiden voyage saw the presence of several prominent figures, including the Minister of Transport Rachel Maclean.

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