Disfigured by the treatment, Linda Evangelista asks for 50 mln

ROME, SEPTEMBER 24 – The supermodel Linda Evangelista is asking for 50 million dollars from the company responsible for the cosmetic treatment of 5 years ago that “disfigured” her in a lawsuit filed in the federal court of New York. In an Instagram post, the supermodel who dominated the global catwalks with Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss in the 1990s, said that after receiving a “CoolSculpting” (cryolipolysis) treatment that causes non-invasive reduction of body fat through localized skin cooling, has developed a rare side effect that has caused a radical metamorphosis of its appearance to the point of making it unrecognizable. The supermodel is seeking compensation for the “emotional distress” and for the “economic losses” suffered, according to the complaint filed in New York on Tuesday and which the media became aware of during the week. According to the document, the treatment made her “unemployed and unable to earn as a model”. Evangelista claims that she did not receive any compensation from the accident, except for a campaign payment before the beauty treatment, as she had to give up her commitments that required her to appear in public. (HANDLE).

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