Di Maio, when the US leaves Kabul we will leave too

ROME, AUG 24 – “After the Americans have left the Kabul airport (the hypothesized date for now is at the end of the month) it will not be possible, either for us or for any country of the Alliance, to maintain any presence at the airport”. Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio said this to the Foreign and Defense Commissions of the Chamber and Senate. “To date we have evacuated all the Italians who asked us to leave the country, responding to the communication sent by the Embassy”, continued Di Maio. “We brought almost 2,700 Afghans to Italy, mainly collaborators of Italian institutions, starting from our military contingent, and their families”, added Di Maio, underlining that the number “is destined to grow, considering about a thousand Afghans already safe in airport and scheduled to embark on the next Italian flights “. (HANDLE).

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