Décès de Romain Bouteille, cofonateur du celebré «Café de la gare» avec Coluche

In France, in Paris, Romain Bouteille on the plateau of the issue “Welcome to Guy Béart” on June 9, 1970.
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Romain Bouteille, co-founder not only with the Coluche du celebré Café de la Gare parisien, is a decade away from the 84-year-old, and announcing mardi son epouse.

«Romain s’éteint hier (lundi) dans la soirée à l’hôpital de Corbeil-Essonnes. After a while, he had a kidney failure. C’est une insuffisance respitoire qui l’a emporté, »a indiqué dans un message à l’AFP Saïda Churchill, elle-même comedienne et programmatrice culturallle de la ville d’Etampes (Essonne).

Not in 1937, Romain Bouteille for a figure of the debuts of a café-theater in France. He created the Liberal and Anarchist Theater, he wrote a play and sketches designed for young people alone. Comedy, Romain Bouteille aussi aansi dans de nombreuses seria pour la TV comme «Les Raisons verts» de Jean-Christophe Averty et «Les Saintes Chéries» de Jean Becker avec Micheline Presle.

In the cinema, Romain Bouteille toured a long-distance train near the direction of Louis Malle, Jean Girault, Michel Audiard, Jules Dassin, Jacques Demy … In 2011, he was in the office of the theater “Everything is fine” which finishes well »of Shakespeare in a mass in the scene of Pierre Beffeyte.

“My artistic vocation is designed from 1955 to the corner: to find a job that allows you to learn what you want and not to graduate or graduate, or to work, or to become obsessed,” he reckoned with AFP. in 2005.

We are devastated to find the children of Romain Bouteille. The moths we lack for instant. The evening without a shower plus tard. For instant, we thought we were Saida and our girls

Le Café de la Gare, “premier and last theater in real anarchy” by Romain Bouteille, opened in June 1969 in the localities of an old factory passing through Odessa, near the Montparnasse station in Paris. The team assembled by Romain Bouteille and the young Michel Colucci, who knows how to glorify the name of Coluche, a band of comedy aspirants, do not know the name of the succession, to the image of Miou-Miou or Patrick Dewaere.

It was too small, the theater of development in 1972 in a local plus village, rue du Temple, in the quarter of Marais, all preserved in the name. Coluche quitte alors le «Café» et dira de Romain Bouteille: «ce qu’il ne m’a pas appris, je le lui ai piqué».

The Café de la Gare will also host the premieres of the other figures of the spectacle figures: Gérard Lanvin, Renaud, Anemone, Josiane Balasko and Michel Blanc.

Romain Bouteille hosted a tour of the debut of the 1990 years of the Café, and installed in Essonne, the castle with its epic theater in Etampes, “The Grand Soloists”.

“We are devastated to find the children of Romain Bouteille. The moths we lack for instant. The evening without a shower plus tard. For instant, we thought we would be Saida and our girls », tweeted Le Café de la Gare.

For Pierre Lescure, president of the Cannes Festival and also president of Canal +, Romain Bouteille is “a revolutionary creator, the equalizer of the soloist who has nothing but the troupe (…) of an impeccable man”.

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