DAZN: the hour of truth is almost here

Very little is missing from the introduction of FullHD on DAZN. Will this be enough to keep users at bay?

As already said a few days ago, DAZN will officially introduce some Announcements. In particular, we are talking about the FullHD resolution which, finally, will arrive on the platform by the end of the month.

This novelty will bring higher video quality to users’ screens, but may not solve all the issues encountered to date. As mentioned several times, many AndroidTV-based players fail to return satisfactory image quality. In particular, there are many devices afflicted by the frame drop problem when playing live or on-demand content.

For all players that play the video stream of DAZN correctly, Apple TV for example, the jump of quality will surely be tangible and the viewing experience will benefit.

Will this news be enough to appease the controversies that are sweeping DAZN in these hours?


DAZN and not only positive news

As already anticipated, but not confirmed, the platform could definitively exclude the possibility of playing two streaming streams from two different IP addresses. It is therefore likely that in some way there will remain the possibility of seeing two contents at the same time, as long as they are under the same roof (or local network).

The mere dry sharing of the subscription between friends or relatives has never really been possible, at least contractually. However, there are many online services that have allowed this practice even among strangers. DAZN’s goal is therefore to avoid that this practice continue bringing about a harm to the platform.

However, we are convinced that the crafty ones will look for a new solution to get around the problem and it cannot be excluded that this, in some way, will find an answer in piracy.

There is also the disappointment of some users with regard to the first approach to the championship which began at the end of the summer to be considered. Some have even decided to cancel their DAZN subscription.


The impression is that the platform on the one hand is looking for all ways to solve the initial problems by improving the transmission quality and, at the same time, is also trying not to leave any pennies on the road.

Will it really be the right choice or not?

So far as DAZN were to really eliminate double vision from Different IPs, the great flexibility of the platform will be lost. Sharing an account is not contractually possible as it is true that you can cancel your subscription when you prefer. At the same time Sky has always allowed “double vision” considering both SkyGo that vision via decoder. It has also unofficially allowed contemporary viewing also through NowTV.

With DAZN, the market seemed to be heading in a new direction, but apparently not only could it actually stay anchored in the past, but it could even go back. The companies that manage OTT platforms know very well what the risks deriving from this type of business are and it seems almost strange that this case was not taken into consideration before the launch of the current offer. With this we certainly do not want to justify those who violate the DAZN contract, but it is really difficult to understand this possible sudden change of course.

What do you think about it?


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