Cryptopia Coin Summit 2021 starts on June 6th

The money heroes are organizing the “Cryptopia Coin Summit 2021” from June 6th. Many exciting guests from all parts of the crypto space are expected. Be part of it!

Financial education is arguably one of the areas that most schools don’t teach. Reading tax returns, insurance contracts or loan terms is a waste of time without a certain financial education. We’re not even talking about cryptocurrencies, blockchain or decentralized finance. But if neither schools nor universities take on the task of bringing financial education into society, how are people supposed to prepare for the new money revolution? We have found a solution.

The Geldhelden, an organization for financial education, launched the Cryptopia Coin Summit 2021, where over 25 crypto experts explain step by step how you can invest securely and incredibly profitably in crypto currencies. Be there livehow a new cryptocurrency is created – and how Bitcoin can find its way to the moon. Earn on automatic cash flow from your cryptocurrencies and say “Bye Bye” to your job. Use the incredible power of the new decentralized financial system and manage your finances, without one Bank to have to trust. Learn the tangible ones regulate of Crypto tradesto get your cryptocurrencies week by week or day by day multiply. Be the first to experience the Trends the financial scene, and how real estate, art, stocks, and more are getting onto the blockchain.

Do you think our life will be digital? – Our life becomes crypto!

Benefit from the new Hypes in the crypto sector like NFT or Altcoins and be a thousand steps ahead of other crypto investors. Protect your coins and your money against excessive ones Taxes and get back what is rightfully yours because you worked for it! Become part of the Geldhelden community and exchange ideas Like-minded people about cryptocurrencies and finance. If that sounds exciting to you, get your free ticket for the Cryptopia Coin Summit from 06.06. until June 13th, 2021 and get all the important information for your start in the world of Bitcoin and Co.

Register and receive the money heroes course “Bitcoin + Krypto easy understand, invest and to back up” and the Crypto novelCryptopia”By the Amazon bestselling author Maximilian Alexander Koch. Both have an equivalent value of 219 euros.

Don’t miss any of our renowned guests

  • Julian Hosp: What is decentralized finance and how will it change the traditional finance space?
  • Christoph Heuermann: Crypto and flag theory: the best options for tax and banking
  • Karim Chabrak: How can we create currencies for a better future?
  • Thomas Hartmann: Is trading in the crypto market worthwhile at all?
  • Thomas Pollad: Cryptocurrencies – The greatest investment opportunity of our lifetime!
  • Mike Hager: Are NFT the “Next Big Thing”?
  • Jürgen Wechsler: Turn 1 into 2 with the NGO – How you can double your Bitcoin number yourself with active, relaxed trading
  • Ludwig Justus-Wim Marx: Basics of Altcoin Analysis
  • Muti Brim: Passive increase in bitcoins
  • Holger Malz: 1,237 percent profit in 4 weeks – are you already on the dark side of money?
  • Nicolas Weber: Tokenizing Everything
  • Jeanette Hirsch: Blockchain and Bitcoin – what do I have to do with them?
  • Kristiaan Hilger: Relaxed Crypto
  • Patrik Spiess: Use of crypto elements in the modern asset allocation
  • Alexander Sachs: Blockchain – where you really need it
  • Nik Bender: How to create your own crypto token
  • Christoph Neuwirth: The optimal crypto portfolio for every type of investor
  • Markus Gabor: Speculative Psychology and Market Timing
  • Felix Mago: Expert for DeFi, decentralized organizations, crypto payments
  • Christian Richter: Relaxed in Crypto – is that possible?
  • Abdullah Cetinbag: Tracking your portfolio and taxes
  • Philipp Zehntner: Crosschain Projects Opportunities and Backgrounds
  • Anja Schmidt-Amelung: Multiply bitcoins automatically

And some Surprise guests!

Take advantage of this free offer and take the first steps into the new monetary system.

Of course, you can also go to work. But already John Davison Rockerfeller Sr. knew: “Better to think about money for an hour than work for money for a year.”

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