Covid: Visco, contagion increase still moves output forward

ROME, NOV 26 – “The new increase in infections in Europe and in other countries still moves the post-Covid perspective forward. Unlike last year, societies in the advanced world are less vulnerable today thanks to massive vaccination campaigns that have been successful. Immunization programs need to be pursued decisively and extended to areas that have benefited less. There are two issues: we must hurry and we must do it on a global level, because the definitive overcoming of the pandemic can only take place on a global level ”. This was stated by the governor of the Bank of Italy Ignazio Visco at the conference ‘The European financial system in the post-Covid perspective’. “The recovery of economic activity – added Visco – is proceeding at a better pace than expected only a few months ago: product growth will exceed 6% this year, recovering more than two thirds of what was lost in 2020. However, it remains uncertainty is high, reflecting above all a health situation in Europe which has once again become an important source of concern, with consequences that are difficult to anticipate today, even if the short-term indicators continue to be generally favorable ”. (HANDLE).

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