Covid: protests in Rotterdam, police shoot, two injured

ROME, NOV 19 – High tension in the center of Rotterdam during a protest against the Covid lockdown. Officers shot and at least two people were injured, police said, according to Dutch broadcaster Nos. The circumstances of the accident are not yet known. Previously, officers had already fired warning shots. This evening a protest was announced against the restrictive measures ordered by the Dutch government to deal with the epidemic. The protest, however, got out of hand, according to Nos. Several hundred people, shouting “freedom”, detonated heavy fireworks and threw objects at the police. Police and the riot department are present en masse and used a water cannon. Access to part of the center is closed. At least one police car was set on fire, others were damaged by demonstrators. Firefighters were also hit while putting out the fire. Other vehicles and objects were also set on fire. (HANDLE).


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