Covid: increase in cases in Gb, vaccines over 90 million

LONDON, AUG 26 – Daily contagions from Covid fueled by the Delta variant in the United Kingdom are back to increase – up to 38,281, over 2000 more than yesterday, albeit on a number of tampons that rose to almost one million in 24 hours. This is certified by the official data of the day, indicating a slight decrease in deaths (140, against 149 yesterday) against the backdrop of a vaccination campaign that breaks the ceiling (record in Europe) of 90 million doses administered: with a 77.7 approximately% of the entire population over 16 fully covered and almost 88.1% reached by at least one dose. Meanwhile, the total hospitalizations among all the hospitals in the country remain more or less stable below 7000, but some experts underline with concern the weekly estimates of an increase of close to 20% of infections among the vaccinated: a statistically understandable percentage, but that some they fear it could be the vanguard of a new surge also taking into account the effects of the imminent reopening of schools and those related to collective public events re-authorized without any particular restrictions by the government of Boris Johnson starting as early as July 19. (HANDLE).

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