Covid: Holland, thousands demonstrate against government measures

BRUSSELS, NOV 07 – Thousands of people, equipped with protest signs and banners, gathered today in The Hague in the Netherlands to protest against the measures taken by the government to counter the coronavirus pandemic. The ANP news agency reports that there is a lot of police in the area of ​​the demonstration but that the atmosphere is not tense. The demonstration was organized by Samen voor Nederland (Together for the Netherlands), a partnership of various organizations opposed to government policies. The Dutch website Dutchnews recalls that the new rules have come into force since yesterday: masks will be mandatory in supermarkets and shops, libraries, government buildings and municipal offices, but also in airports and train stations, colleges and universities. People who work in contact professions, such as hairdressers, will again have to wear masks, but not sex workers. However, masks are still mandatory in taxis and on public transport. The Green Pass will be required for cafes and restaurants, including outdoor terraces, casinos, museums, amusement parks and other places where “people move” and have no seat, indoor places for amateur sporting events for the over 18s, but not outdoors, sports schools, swimming pools and fitness clubs, including canteens. In theaters, concert halls and cinemas it was already compulsory. The test remains free. The government has strongly recommended that people work at least half a week at home rather than in the office, and people are also encouraged to travel and move outside peak hours. Once again, the government recommended that people keep a distance of 1.5 meters, avoid people shaking hands or hugging each other, and avoid crowded places. (HANDLE).

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