Covid: Gb chief doctor, still tough months for the pandemic

LONDON, 03 NOV – The pandemic fueled by Covid is not over, in the world and much less in the United Kingdom, thinking it is an illusion. This is the warning launched today to His Majesty’s subjects by Professor Jonathan Van-Tam, deputy chief medical officer of England, who – in a direct line with BBC spectators – returned to underline the effectiveness of vaccines in containing serious infections, hospitalizations or deaths; but he nevertheless spoke of a worrying number of cases on the island (33,865 yesterday, albeit in partial decline) while it is still “in the autumn season”. And it evoked other possible “hard months” during the winter. Van-Tam noted that the Kingdom currently has an infection rate higher than the average of many other European countries and complained about the general attitude of British public opinion, noting that many compatriots behave wrongly “as if the pandemic had passed “. His “personal prediction”, on the other hand, is that there are still “some tough months” ahead of us and a “potentially problematic” Christmas period. It will also depend on a whole series of people’s “personal behaviors”, insisted the leading academic and government consultant, inviting listeners to keep a margin of common sense and caution; but above all by encouraging the over-50s and the vulnerable not to hesitate to be given the third “booster” dose of the Covid vaccine offered at this stage and to be vaccinated against ordinary flu as well. (HANDLE).


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