Covid: Austria in lockdown, but schools and ski lifts open

BOLZANO, 22 NOV – Austria has been in lockdown since midnight. The country stops for the fourth time since the start of the pandemic. On December 12, social life will resume for the vaccinated and cured, while the unvaccinated will have to stay at home. As already happened last winter, residents will still be able to ski, because skiing is considered a motor activity, but obviously only if vaccinated and healed and with an Ffp2 mask on the ski lifts. Schools also remain open, but parents will be able to keep their children at home if they wish. Yesterday thousands of no vaxes took to the streets in various cities of the country to demonstrate against the government’s measures, but above all against the vaccination requirement that starts in February. At least the ‘waiters’ are now changing their minds: queues have formed in front of the hubs over the weekend. (HANDLE).


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