Covid: 5 billion doses of vaccines administered worldwide

PARIS, AUG 24 – More than 5 billion doses of anti-Covid vaccines have been administered worldwide, according to a count made by the AFP, up to 4.30 pm Italian time, and based on official sources. Vaccinations are continuing at their cruising pace, as the fifth billion doses were administered in 26 days, roughly the same as the previous two, while the first billion doses were achieved in 140 days. With 1.96 billion injections, China is the country with the most doses administered, followed by India (589 million doses) and the United States (363). In terms of vaccinated population, the UAE is the champions of immunization, with nearly 75% of the inhabitants fully vaccinated. And while the world average is 64 doses administered per 100 inhabitants, three countries have not even started their vaccination campaign: these are Burundi, Eritrea and North Korea. (HANDLE).

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