Covid: 400 quarantined classes in Vienna alone

BOLZANO, 15 SEPT – In Vienna, where the school year began on 6 September, almost 400 classes are already in quarantine for Covid cases. To be exact, there are 393 classes in 388 of the 700 schools in the Austrian capital. One kindergarten has been completely closed, while 58 kindergartens are partially quarantined. In neighboring Lower Austria, thanks to a softer interpretation of the regulations, only 80 classes are in quarantine. According to the new directives, presented last night by the government, with a single case of positivity only the classmate passes into Dad, while the other classmates remain in attendance. Furthermore, after five days, a negative PCR swab marks the end of the quarantine. For some time Vienna has been applying a hard line in the fight against the pandemic, for example, having never suspended the obligation to wear a mask in shops, which is now mandatory also in the rest of the country in supermarkets and on public transport. The unvaccinated must instead wear a Ffp2, even in all other shops, museums and libraries. Ffp2, on the other hand, is mandatory for everyone and not just for the unvaccinated in churches. (HANDLE).


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