Cop26: Obama, time is running out, we need to do more

WASHINGTON, 08 NOV – “Time is running out: we have made significant progress since the Paris agreement but we must do more”, both “collectively and individually”: this is how Barack Obama opened his speech at CoP26 in Glasgow. “It is a decisive decade to avoid climate disaster”, the former president warned, recalling that “climate change is increasingly evident” and arguing that the fight against the climate crisis should transcend normal geopolitics. In his view, reducing the use of methane is “the single fastest and most effective solution”. The alarm of the small island states, threatened in the first row by the overheating of the Earth, is a bit like the one once “in the coal mines of the canaries” to report gas leaks and impending disasters, Obama had said shortly before meeting delegates of various islands: one of the many events of which the former American president is today the protagonist at the climate conference, including a round table with young people and one with private entrepreneurs. “We all have a job to do and sacrifices to make,” added Obama, who grew up in Hawaii and called himself an “island kid.” (HANDLE).

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