CoP26: Obama quotes Shakespeare, solution is only ‘step by step’

LONDON, 08 NOV – A quote from William Shakespeare to close his speech at CoP26 in Glasgow on climate and preach action, but also patience on the path of a “long-term” solution to the global warming emergency. Thus Barack Obama who, from the podium of the UN international conference underway in Scotland, referred to a passage from the Othello rhetorically asking “What wound has ever healed if not by degrees?”. Words that in the famous tragedy of the bard of English literature are preceded by the phrase: “How poor are those who have no patience!”. “The planet – the former US president then insisted – has been hurt by our actions; and those wounds will not be healed today, tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow. They can only be healed gradually ”as long as“ we all get to work ”. “I – he concluded – am ready to do my part in the long term if you are too”. (HANDLE).


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