Cop26: environmentalists march in Glasgow against the military industry

LONDON, 04 NOV – While the COP26 work continues, the streets of Glasgow have come alive again today for a demonstration with hundreds of environmentalists protesting against the military industry, “guilty” of making profits by exploiting the instability generated by climate change. A march, led by the radical group Extinction Rebellion, started from the Home Office in the Scottish city, to show solidarity with refugees from countries where conflicts aggravated by climate change are raging, and continued to the Govan and Scotstoun plants of Bae Systems, the British armaments giant. The procession between choirs and drums advanced showing banners stating “climate chaos creates war”. “The more war there is, the more profit there is for companies like Bae,” one of the protesters told the British media. While in London during some sit-ins by the ecologists of Insulate Britain, who had blocked two of the roads to get to the British Parliament, 34 arrests were made by the Met Police. The protest was harshly condemned by the Speaker of the Commons, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, who accused the movement of “stopping democracy” as two Conservative MPs were unable to reach Westminster due to roadblocks. However, these are general rehearsals in view of the larger events announced for tomorrow and Saturday in Glasgow. (HANDLE).

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