Cop26: Cingolani, important result, started from G20

ROME, NOV 15 – “We have obtained an important result, developed by Italy: all countries, including China and India, have agreed not to reach 2 degrees of global warming in the middle of the century, but to 1.5. This is a result that started from the G20. In order to sign the agreement, they asked to set the timing of the coal abatement. If we had been hard and pure they would not have signed and they would have completely liberalized their activities ”. Thus the Minister of Ecological Transition, Roberto Cingolani, guest of Radio24, commenting on the result of Cop26. However, the minister said he was “very dissatisfied” with the financial part. “I am not convinced – he stressed – that everyone has understood the importance of solidarity”, because for the countries most in difficulty “100 billion a year had been promised since 2015, but we have not yet reached it, perhaps this year we will touch ”. As for Italy’s contribution “from half a billion – he said – this year we have tripled our figures”. Regarding the criticisms of activists, Cingolani explained that “we are faced with problems of historical significance. The solutions are not simple, they are very complicated things “,” 194 states that shut themselves up in a room for 2 weeks to find a solution, it is democracy, it is not ‘blah blah blah’ “. Finally, the minister reiterated the importance of a balanced transition, because “if you do it too quickly, you make ‘victims’ in a social sense”, but if you don’t, he warned, “we mean the victims, because there are impending climatic catastrophes ”. (HANDLE).

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