Cop26: China, rich countries help the transition of the poor

ROME, NOV 18 – “In many developing countries, not everyone has access to electricity, and the electricity supply is not adequate. Before asking all states to stop using coal, the energy shortage in these countries must be taken into account to ensure their energy security. We encourage developed states to be the first to stop using coal, while providing substantial funds and technological and industrial support for the energy transition of developing countries. We need concrete actions, more than slogans ”. The spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Zhao Lijian, said during a press conference in Beijing, as reported on the website of the Ministry. “Optimizing the energy structure and reducing coal consumption is a gradual process – continued Zhao -. The different national conditions, the levels of development and the endowment of resources of the different countries must be respected ”. For the spokesman for the Foreign Ministry, “the green and emissions-based transition is the overwhelming trend for which all countries must work. China attaches great importance to the energy transition. We have made tremendous efforts to control coal consumption and coal-fired projects, and we play an important role in building international consensus on relevant issues ”. “Since the beginning of this year – continued Zhao – President Xi Jinping has announced to the international community a set of political measures that China has adopted, including strictly controlling coal-fired power plants, strictly limiting the increase in consumption of coal in the 14 / o Five-Year Plan (2021-2025, ed) and reduce it in 15 / o (2026-2030, ed), vigorously support the green and low-emission energy development of developing countries, and stop building new power plants coal-fired abroad “. (HANDLE).

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