Cop26: China, regret for lack of aid from developed countries

ROME, NOV 18 – At Cop26 in Glasgow “positive progress has been made”, but “as developed countries have not fully responded to fundamental concerns of developing countries, such as adaptation, finance and technical support, there are regrets and shortcomings in the session, and the global response to climate change still faces many challenges ”. The spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Zhao Lijian, said at a press conference in Beijing, as reported by the Ministry’s website. The spokesperson cites among the COP26 successes that “the negotiations on the guidelines for the implementation of the Paris Agreement over the next 6 years have been completed, and a relatively balanced final policy document, the Glasgow Climate Pact, has been adopted. , along with over 50 resolutions. This laid the foundations for the full and effective implementation of the Paris Agreement ”. For China, “the conference supported multilateralism, reaffirmed the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities, and adhered to the long-term objectives of the Agreement and a bottom-up approach. It has maintained the stability of international standards and built further international consensus in promoting the low-emission energy transition ”. “At a critical moment in which the negotiations were stalled – said Zhao -, China and the United States released the ‘Joint Glasgow Declaration on Improved Climate Action in the Twenties’, which provided an important solution to bridge the differences between the parties. With China’s wisdom and proposals, the Chinese delegation effectively safeguarded the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities and the common rights and interests of developing countries, played a constructive role in the adoption of the final document, and showed the image of China as a responsible power ”. (HANDLE).

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