Confesercenti, the poorest Italians, lost 35 / 40bn consumption

ROME, NOV 16 – “Higher inflation could subtract, in 2 years, 9.5 billion euros of consumption: about 4 billion this year and 5.5 billion in 2022”, warns the president of Confesercenti, Patrizia De Luise, at the annual meeting: “The recovery in consumption will be slower than that of GDP. At the end of 2022, the volume of consumption could remain below the pre-pandemic level, with a residual gap of around 20 billion “; “The pandemic has impoverished the Italians. At the end of 2021, the average household income will still be 512 euros below the pre-crisis levels “, and prudence has led to a loss in consumption” between 35 and 40 billion per year “. The decline in consumption “is affected by the job crisis”, warns Confesercenti: “Since the beginning of the year, only 340,000 jobs have been recovered of the 720,000 lost in 2020: less than half. For independent workers, then, it was a real massacre: they are 356,000 less than in the pre-covid ”, underlines the president, Patrizia De Luise, in her report to the annual assembly. “And there is a paradox – he notes -: in tourism and services there are no available professionals. A question of 100,000 workers from companies does not find answers “. There are 100 thousand “vacancies due to lack of staff”, Confesercenti underlines, because the uncertainty created by the Covid emergency in some sectors “has also reduced the number of specialized personnel available”. (HANDLE).

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