condominium production company on appeal

On March 9, 2015, the adventure game tour toured the drama.

The ALP production company has condensed this appeal into an inexplicable appeal to inform the family of a cameraman victorious about the helicopter accident on the Dropped tour (TF1), in March 2015 in Argentina. indicated by the Jews of the Court of Appeal of Versailles.

This decision confirms the law of the tribunal of social security affairs (TASS) of Hauts-de-Seine on April 20, 2018, which is based on the SAS Adventure Line Productions (ALP) society to be seen, to the sea and to others. young children of the cameraman Laurent Sbasnik a total of 120,000 euros of income and interest.

ALP is still reimbursing the Caisse primary insurance guarantee for the youngsters of Hauts-de-Seine for 400,000 euros in rent rentals.

On March 9, 2015, the adventure tour of the adventure touring the drama: two helicopters were entered into a collision in the open air, causant la mort de dix persons dont trois sportifs français de haut niveau, la navigatrice Florence Arthaud, le boxeur Alexis Vastine et nageuse Camille Muffat, ainsi que plusieurs personnes employées par la société de production ALP.

The issue should be diffused during 2015 on TF1. The French sports devaient to be lost in the isolated zones and to the return of the “civilization” in less than 72 hours.

A “fake character”?

Laurent Sbasnik, died at the age of 40, this is a load of films “open doors, harnessed and in a configuration of the danger” these two helicopters evolving “in a rapprochement formation”, the TASS in 2018. Cela comportait donc «des particular risks for health and safety “without quitting” the information and / or the formation of the appropriation “, this decision is precise.

The 17th of February, the ALP society, poids lourds of the television games of adventure that Koh-Lanta or Fort Boyard, and this mass in the examination for “homicides involontaires”.

This new stage, prelude to the decision on an eventual process, this is attended after the previous missions in the exam: on February 2019 Peter Suedois Peter Högberg, “the success of the lords du tournage”, in October 2020 emission production.

Les juges français soupçonnent désormais une «faute caracterisée» des mis en examen: avoir sous-évalué le budget affecté aux moyens aériens et privilegié les critères financiers dans le choix des pilotes et des helicoptères, «au décuriment de la sé.

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