“Comincia il show” is the new single from Modà, the forerunner of their next recording project

Two years after the release of the latest album “Testa o croce”, i Fashion they are ready to kick off a new chapter in their career. Friday September 17 the unreleased single will be released “The show begins”, forerunner piece of new recording project of the band.

Speaking of the song, Kekko Silvestre said:

“” The show begins’ paves the way for our new recording project. In my opinion, it is a piece that offers a new sound horizon that ranges from contamination electronic to pop-rock but without distorting the style melodic-compositional that has always distinguished our DNA “.

Speaking of the text, the voice of the Modà added: “We make pop music, music capable of crossing all generations, reaching many and that is why we look for in texts also to give, where possible, also social messages“.

“Start the show” will be among the songs in the next lineup tour dei Modà rescheduled in 2022.

This is the calendar with all the concert dates:

02 May, Mediolanum Forum di Assago, Milan (recovery of 1 October 2021, 28 March and 18 December 2020)
03 May, Mediolanum Forum di Assago, Milan (recovery on 2 October 2021, 29 March and 19 December 2020)
09 May, Arena di Verona, Verona (recovery on 2 May 2020 and 26 September 2021)
13 May, Palacatania di Catania (recovery of 8 October 2021, recovery of 6 March and 2 October 2020)
14 May, Palacatania di Catania (recovery of 9 October 2021, 7 March and 3 October 2020)
17 May, Palasport di Reggio Calabria (recovery of 12 October 2021, 17 March and 6 October 2020)
May 20, Palaflorio di Bari (recovery of October 15, 2021, March 13 and October 9, 2020)
21 May, Palaflorio di Bari (recovery of 16 October 2021, 14 March and 10 October 2020)
May 26, Palazzo dello Sport in Rome (recovery October 19, 2021, March 20 and December 12, 2020)
May 28, Pala Sele di Eboli (SA) (recovery of October 5, 2021, March 10 and October 13, 2020)

THE tickets already purchased in advance will remain valid for the new corresponding dates.

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