Cole Sprouse between kisses and hugs with Ari Fournier, in a new sighting

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The new couple alert started last March

The love story between Cole Sprouse is Ari Fournier continues, as the latest sighting shows.

The 28-year-old actor from Riverdale and the 22-year-old model were spotted in romantic attitudes as they waited for the car outside the restaurant where they went to dinner on Sunday night in Los Angeles.

The paparazzi caught them between kisses and hugs and you can see the photos here on the site of American gossip JustJared.

cole sprouse in arresto getty

Cole Sprouse – getty images

The new couple alert started last March, when Cole Sprouse and Ari Fournier were seen strolling hand in hand in Vancouver, where the set of Riverdale.

Ariane Fournie it’s a Canadian model which is based in the city of Montreal.

Before her, Cole Sprouse was with for three years Lili Reinhart, co-star in Riverdale: the actor had confirmed the end of the love story by explaining that they had separated in March 2020.

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