CNN, ‘climb’ the Colosseum to have a beer, 800 euro fine

WASHINGTON, 21 NOV – They had sneaked into the Colosseum after sunset to enjoy a beer from the famous arches overlooking the city but were stopped and fined 800 euros by the carabinieri, who had been warned by some passers-by. Thus ended, CNN tells us, the evening of two American tourists, who had climbed the high railings to enter the arena and climbed up to the second level of the building before deciding that the view of ancient Rome deserved a beer . Too bad that some passersby noticed them calling the carabinieri, who stopped them as they returned from their drink on Via dei Fori Imperiali, presenting them with a high bill for that taste of “dolce vita”. They are not the first tourists to be punished for their transgressions: in August an American and an Englishwoman were fined 900 euros for jumping into a famous fountain in the Eternal City. (HANDLE).

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