Climate: escalation of extreme events in Italy in 10 years

ROME, NOV 23 – The number of extreme events and municipalities affected in Italy is growing year by year: this is stated in the Report by the Legambiente CittàClima 2021 Observatory according to which from 2010 to November 1, 2021 1,118 extreme weather events were recorded (133 in the last year, + 17.2% compared to the last edition of the report) in 602 municipalities (+95 compared to last year, almost + 18%) with 261 victims (9 in the first ten months of this year alone) . The report – produced with the contribution of the Unipol Group and the scientific collaboration of the Enel Foundation – highlights that Rome was the most affected city, followed by Bari, Milan, Genoa and Palermo. The areas most affected by floods, tornadoes and heat waves are 14 throughout the country, according to the Report: the Romagna coast must be added to entire cities and to the north of the Marche (42 cases), eastern Sicily and the Agrigento coast (38 and 37 extreme events), the metropolitan area of ​​Naples (31 extreme events), the Ligurian West and the province of Cuneo, with 28 cases in all, Salento, with 18 events, the northern Tuscan coast (17), the north of Sardinia (12) and the south of the island with 9 cases. (HANDLE).


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