Cleo’s kidnapper was obsessed with dolls

ROME, 04 NOV – The man accused of kidnapping Cleo Smith in Australia, the 4-year-old girl found after 18 days, is obsessed with dolls – the Bratz in particular – and has invented an imaginary family on several occasions. These are the first details that emerge about 36-year-old Terence Darrell Kely, who appeared before the Australian judges today, 30 hours after his arrest in Carnarvon. The Daily Mail reports it. Kelly entered the courtroom barefoot and interrupted the judge several times as he read the list of charges he is being challenged. He also addressed the journalists present, shouting at them: “I will come to look for you!”. The authorities have provided few details on the individual, but the Daily Mail draws a first profile based on information collected on a Facebook page linked to him. So Kelly seems to have used a social profile with the pseudonym ‘Bratz DeLuca’, thus declaring the passion for dolls – “I love my dolls” – and toys as a child, among other things in plain sight in images posted in a room of the his home, and others of him driving around the city with dolls. “I love taking my dolls around in the car, combing them and taking selfies in public,” he wrote, remarks the Daily Mail. Through some linked profiles, Kelly claimed to be the father of several children, including a small girl, although the testimonies of his neighbors it would appear that he has no children. (HANDLE).


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