Cicco Sanchez and Casadilego together in the new single “now or never”

Among the record releases on Friday 19 November there will also be “now or never”, unprecedented collaboration created by Cicco Sanchez and Casadilego.

The melancholy beat of the single will accompany you inside one complicated love story. The emotions that overwhelm the protagonists of the song culminate in the refrain, where the voices of the two artists intertwine becoming one. The text of the song tells a “hate and love” contemporary, of which there remains a void that only music can fill.

Born and raised in Turin, Cicco Sanchez is an urban pop artist and author. He began writing at the age of 14, making his first productions in his bedroom and finding in writing the escape from a complicated family reality. He participated, still fifteen, in some hip hop nights in Turin, where he met and became friends with some emerging artists of the early two thousand, one of them is Fred De Palma. Besides being an esteemed singer, Cicco Sanchez is also an excellent one author: he has in fact signed numerous songs which, over time, they have obtained over 20 platinum records.

Casadilego is the stage name of Elisa Coclite, a young artist born in Bellante in 2003. She chooses to be named after a song of her idol, Ed Sheeran. Wins the latest edition of X Factor, in the Under Women team of Hell Raton. Today Casadilego is busy filming the movie forthcoming, My Soul Summer.

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