China: strong earthquake in Sichuan, ‘two dead’

BEIJING, 16 SEPTEMBER – Two people, according to Chinese state media, were killed and three were injured in a shallow earthquake that shook Sichuan province in southwest China in the early morning. But it is feared that the final toll could be much more serious. The quake triggered the second highest level of emergency response. The US Earthquake Observatory (USGS) calculated the magnitude of the earthquake at 5.4, while the Chinese seismic network spoke of magnitude 6.0. Both have identified the origin of the earthquake at a depth of 10 kilometers. The earthquake struck an area about 120 kilometers southwest of the sprawling megacity of Chongqing. The Xinhua News Agency said Luzhou City sent emergency personnel to the area. According to the USGS “a significant and widespread disaster is likely”. A magnitude 7.9 earthquake in Sichuan province in 2008 caused 87,000 victims, including deaths and missing. (HANDLE).

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