China media release 2 videos of Peng, but doubts about authenticity

BEIJING, 21 NOV – While international pressure increases to get answers on the fate of tennis player Peng Shuai, who disappeared from November 2 after allegations of sexual abuse directed at former Deputy Prime Minister Zhang Gaoli, Chinese state media today released two videos claiming that she is her. However, its authenticity cannot be verified. In one of the two videos posted on Twitter by Hu Xijin, the publisher of the Global Times, the 35-year-old appears to be walking into a restaurant wearing a coat, a cap and a mask. In the other, Peng is sitting at a table without a mask while chatting with some people. According to Hu in English on Twitter, the second video shows “Peng Shuai having dinner with his coach and friends in a restaurant: the content of the video clearly shows that they were shot on Saturday, Beijing time”. The conversation revolved around “tennis matches” and a man sitting with Peng and two other women says “tomorrow is November 20”. But one of the women interrupts him to say: “It’s the 21st” or Sunday. The chat appears to be staged and the video was shot in the evening with a mobile phone. Peng appears to be relaxed in the footage. (HANDLE).

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