China: CCP Plenum opened, Xi’s power strengthened

BEIJING, 08 NOV – The Sixth Plenum of the Communist Party of China opened its doors today for a closed-door meeting that is expected to strengthen President Xi Jinping’s seizure of power ahead of the CCP congress at the end of 2022. 400 officials who make up the Central Committee, between staff and alternates, gathered in Beijing for the four-day plenary, reported the Xinhua agency, opened by Xi in his role as general secretary of the CCP with an employment relationship and ” explanations on a draft resolution on the main results and on the historical experience ”of the party through its 100 years. The resolution will lay the groundwork for the CCP’s 20th Congress during which Xi is expected to gain an unprecedented third term, cementing his position as China’s most powerful leader since Mao Zedong. (HANDLE).

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