Chile: presidential, with 49% of the seats in the lead Kast on Boric

SANTIAGO DEL CHILE, NOV 21 – In line with the forecasts of various polls, with the official vote reaching 49.62%, the ultra-right candidate José Antonio Kast (Partido Republicano) leads the presidential elections with 28.64% of the votes, in front of the leader of the left Gabriel Boric (Apruebo Dignidad), who collects 24.44% of the votes. Followed by right-wing candidate Franco Parisi 13.60%), center-left candidate Yasna Provoste (12.36%) and center-right government candidate Sebastian Sichel (11.96%). The Electoral Service, which is carrying out the ballot, recalled that for a victory in the first round a candidate must get 50% plus one of the votes. Otherwise, the top two finishers will compete in a ballot on December 19th. (HANDLE).

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