Charlie Watts: tributes from singers and stars to the Rolling Stones drummer

Millions of fans around the world are paying tribute to Charlie Watts on social media, the legendary drummer of Rolling Stones unfortunately passed away at the age of 80.

Among the messages, there are also many of famous people who remember the rock legend, starting with the bandmates with whom he played since 1963.

The frontman Mick Jagger posted a picture of Charlie Watts smiling sitting on the drums, without adding a caption. The guitarist and bassist Keith Richards instead he chose the image of a battery with a sign hanging that says “Locked down“.”I love you my Gemini mate – wrote the other Rolling Stones guitarist, Ronnie Wood, along with a photo with the drummer – I’ll miss you. You are the best“.

Among other singers and musicians, Elton John posted a photo taken in the 1970s and added: “A very sad day. Charlie Watts was the best drummer. The man with the most style and such brilliant company“.

Paul McCartney has shared a video in which he remembers Charlie Watts speaking to fans, while Beatles colleague Ringo Starr posted a stock image.

The rhythm of the Stones. There are no words, each groove has spoken for itself“is the message of Lenny Kravitz.

RIP Charlie Watts, one of the greatest rock drummers ever and a true gentlemanwrote on Twitter Bryan Adams.

The Rolling Stones: Mick Jagger, Ronnie Wood, Keith Richards and Charlie Watts – getty images

Among the messages of Italian artists, there is that of Ligabue which defines it: “L’‘good’ soul of the Stones and at the same time an irreplaceable drummer. Thanks for everything, Charlie“.

Charlie Watts will never die !! – he wrote Vasco RossiIts ‘simplicity’ was, as Oscar Wilde said … ‘the last refuge of the complicated’. W Charlie Watts !!! “.

Cesare Cremonini signed a long letter, which we report here in full version: “It’s not like putting the silencer on doesn’t detonate a shot. From now on for many people, on every continent, it will no longer be the same day, or the same world, if we mean that of music and rock’n’roll. We have already woken up without Prince, without Bowie, without legends or without a God. Sometimes lesser known musicians who have done extraordinary things leave. But this time we fell asleep without one of the immortals and it would be stupid to say it’s the same thing. You could think that after all the Stones, united and vibrant, smiling on their mega private plane leaving for yet another tour, were there to reassure us, while other pieces of history were lost.

One of the most agitated bands of the last century was the one that reassured us the most in the new millennium, announcing records and concerts always in their own way while everything, the music around, changed, transformed, crumbled. We could even allow ourselves to think it was still a game for us, that sound, that rhythm, those choruses and harmonics, until it was a game for them. Until it was in the hands of those dazed guys, with their wrinkles and their grimaces and their long-lived lives become memes for very young people who ‘don’t know who Mick Jagger is’, but who when they discover them they love them and buy the t-shirt with the tongue. It certainly is a game, but it has changed the world and I must admit it has changed mine too. This is why I feel a profound sense of pleasure when I come across those sounds and that rhythm that between anger, joy, evasion, purity and pain have formed generations whose soundtrack has been like a stern wind. When what you believe in and fight for, when the way you want to live has the right soundtrack, everything is easier and it is even more beautiful to get up in the morning.

Some of those golden years one day said ‘now our main occupation is sleeping, because for 30 years we have forgotten to do it’. Have a good rest too, Mr. Charlie Watts“.

ph: getty images, credit Jane Rose

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