Cesare Cremonini has updated fans on the workings of the new album

In this hot Italian summer, Cesare Cremonini he is working on his neighbor unreleased disc. To confirm this to the fans he was himself in early August, through a post in which he talks about his future projects.

“I’m taking a few days off and now, on my way south, I write – explains the artist – I write things that have remained in my pocket in recent weeks, partly because the time to reread them is always lacking and partly because not everything needs to be published. I started working with an extraordinary team (I’ll tell you about it at length ..) al film about Lucio Dalla and thus began one of those adventures that will change my life. Both for the possibility of investigation and deepening, and because it frees me from many of my obsessions and visions. I have a great chance to tell a legendary moment that is actually full of mysteries. Secrets kept with tenacity. Treasures never found. Pages yet to be written. Perhaps this is why I am encountering a strong enthusiasm in all the people I meet and involve. Encounter is the central word in my period. I would just like to express my joy for this aspect and tell you that at the same time I am working on a new album, a great album of songs when the albums are seen only as a showcase, of songs that speak to the future. A future born not from the past but from memory, because it is there that the substances and elements to be saved from oblivion go to be sought, in order to restore them intact to the girls and boys of tomorrow. “

A few weeks later, Cesare came back to update us on the workings of the disc, which he sees involved musicians champion.

“I am remotely following some work on the new album made by overseas musicians and this makes these days in Maratea even more special. – writes the songwriter – For listening musicians they are Steve Jordan, Gary Novak and Ash Soan the artists and musicians I’m collaborating with. I will post some videos to you when the work is finished. “

By clicking here find the latest Cremonini update in which you can see Steve Jordan at work.

Among the future projects of Cesare Cremonini there is also the tour in the stadiums that will see him engaged in the summer of 2022. HERE find the concert calendar to mark on your diary!

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