Carabinieri carry the Falcone tree to all regions

ROME, NOV 17 – The ficus in front of Giovanni Falcone’s house in Palermo, where after his death people attack tickets against the mafia, will multiply in all regions of Italy, thanks to the forest police. The Arma Center for forest biodiversity in Pieve Santo Stefano (Arezzo) took some cuttings from the tree and reproduced them in 200 seedlings. Next Saturday, on the occasion of the National Tree Festival, which is celebrated on Sunday 21 November, the saplings will be planted in 108 schools in Sicily, in all 20 Italian regions and autonomous provinces, and in the garden in front of the bunker classroom of the Ucciardone. The initiative was presented this morning to the Ministry of Ecological Transition in Rome by Undersecretary Ilaria Fontana (M5S) and by the commander of the Forestry Carabinieri, General Antonio Pietro Manzo. The Falcone Foundation also participated in the project. Maria Falcone, sister of the magistrate murdered by the mafia, sent a video message to the presentation: she recalled how the idea of ​​creating the foundation that bears her brother’s name came to her after reading one of the messages that had been attached to the ficus. “For the Tree Festival we have a project to plant 50,000 trees in two years in schools throughout Italy – explained General Manzo -. This year we wanted to associate a message of education to legality with this initiative. We thought of planting these saplings obtained from the Falcone tree in schools, because the school is the place where consciences are formed, and young people are more receptive to the message of legality ”. Undersecretary Fontana recalled the reforestation interventions envisaged in the NRP and the agreement reached at the Italian-led G20 to plant 1000 billion trees by 2030. (ANSA).

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