Canary eruption: third point of contact between lava and sea

MADRID, 15 NOV РThe lava ejected from the erupting volcano on the island of La Palma (Canary Islands) has reached the sea at a new point, the third since this natural phenomenon began on 19 September. This was announced by the Canary Islands Institute of Volcanology. Contact between magma and sea water causes emissions of steam and hydrochloric acid, so access to the surrounding area is not permitted. The new point of contact of the lava with the sea is located on the beach of El Charcón, a few meters from the point where two other flows had already created a volcanic delta in the ocean. This is an area created during an eruption that occurred in 1949. In total, the new volcanic land area created by the ongoing eruption occupies about 40 hectares of surface, according to the Spanish Institute of Geology and Mining. Since the eruption began, the lava has already covered over 1,000 hectares of land, destroying hundreds of homes. (HANDLE).

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