Canary eruption: lava falls on a beach

MADRID, 09 NOV – Lava ejected from the erupting volcano on the island of La Palma (Canary Islands) is falling on the beach of Los Guirres, located near the volcanic delta already created at the end of September by a previous flow. This was announced by the Canary Islands Volcanological Institute on social media. From the images released by this institute you can see how a dense column of brown smoke rises. Meanwhile, the National Geographic Institute has stated that the cone of the Cumbre Vieja volcano reaches 1,131 meters. Meanwhile, part of the population of La Palma is waiting for an improvement in air quality, after the ash and gases emitted by the volcano led the authorities to raise the alert level in five municipalities and ask the inhabitants of the area for maximum precaution. . And the Spanish government has delivered the first 46 wooden houses purchased to help people who have lost their homes due to the eruption, the Iberian media reported. (HANDLE).

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