Can happiness be learned by taking lessons (and in five days)?

A recipe for happiness, we are promised from all sides: life coaches, New Age trends and sub-trends, Zen or non-Zen meditation seminars, communion courses with nature, not to mention all. those ” who we [font] believing that happiness is having our cupboards full of it… ” By dint of being promised the secret of happiness – most of the time for a fee – we end up doubting that it really exists. But if happiness was after all just a feeling of “Subjective well-being” that we can acquire at the cost of a few regular exercises? This is the thesis developed by a team of psychologists from the Italian universities of Trento and Rome in a study published in the journal “Frontiers in Psychology”.

Scientific experiments have already shown the positive effects (but also the disadvantages) of the so-called meditation “Mindfulness”, which is to be truly where we are at the moment we are without letting our thoughts turn to the past or fly into the future. This acute awareness of the present moment could thus reduce stress, anxiety, even worry – useful in a pandemic period. However, is this one of the keys to happiness? What other techniques could help us feel good about ourselves and ourselves, without being brainwashed by a religion or philosophy that we don’t necessarily want to share?

“We are witnessing a remission

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