Camila Cabello has a lovely new neck tattoo

Camila Cabello just added a new delicate tattoo behind the neck. The pop star of Don “t Go Yet has posted her mini tattoo on Instagram, sharing a photo of her nape with her hair pulled back to better show the ink.

In the caption, the 24-year-old says that the small drawing is inspired by the book Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer. Camila’s tattoo is one small braid of sweet grass which closes in a circle:

This book on wisdom and indigenous plants has changed my life. After reading it, I knew that I would never look at the earth and all its inhabitants in the same way“, he wrote. “He taught me about reciprocity, the gift and wisdom in Mother Nature, and that when we heal the Earth, we heal ourselves. ‘All flowering is mutual.’

Camila tagged tattoo artist Kane Navasard in the photo. “I’m so glad @kanenavasard and his talent helped me honor this special book today“, has shared.

But what is a Sweetgrass braid?

The sweet grass or bison grass or Sweetgrass grows in the prairies and pastures of South America. Its aroma is seductive, light and sweet. It is said that this herb belongs to the direction of the south, that of life and children which brings vitality, beauty and freshness. The sweet herb is also used to bless, its job is to take the new harmony and let it in after a purification work. The braid is held in the hand on one side while the other lights up by ventilating it with air.

This is Camila’s second tattoo, the first is the phrase “It’s a mystery“in italics on her finger, in 2019. Camila may not have a huge collection of tattoos like many other pop stars, she seems to choose small important pieces that remind her of moments in her life.

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