CambiaGesto Day is born, it promotes correct habits for the environment

ROME, NOV 26 – Tomorrow, November 27, the “CambiaGesto Day” debuts, a day that aims to support and strengthen the sense of individual responsibility, to change one’s habits, in favor of the environment. The Day is inspired by the awareness campaign against the dispersion of cigarette butts in the environment, #Cambiagesto, which since 2019 has made stops in over 40 Italian cities and thanks to the support of over 3000 volunteers and 700 tobacconists has collected more than 160 kilograms of cigarette butts dispersed in the environment and distributed over 270,000 cigarette holders. In 2021 – explains a note – thanks to the partnership with LifeGate, the #Cambiagesto campaign (promoted and financed by Philip Morris Italy and with the patronage of the Ministry of Ecological Transition) envisaged joining the LifeGate PlasticLess project with the activation of three “Seabin” in the cities of Fiumicino, Venice and Taranto, devices capable of filtering up to 25,000 liters of water per hour and capturing approximately 1,500 kilograms of floating waste in a year, including plastics and cigarette butts. “Thanks to the collaboration of companies, tobacconists, institutions, the third sector and thousands of volunteers, the Cambiagesto campaign has contributed in recent years to counteract the phenomenon of cigarette littering throughout Italy” commented Michele Samoggia, Head of Communication and Sustainability at Philip Morris Italy explaining that “with CambiaGesto Day we want to set a symbolic day to become aware of the enormous difference that each of us can make, through a series of small daily gestures, to safeguard our Planet”. Responsible use of water, attention to the consumption of electricity or the reduction in the consumption of plastics are just some of the daily behaviors that have inspired “The Manual of Good Habits” which collects 21 good practices to advise, inform and support citizens towards more virtuous behavior towards the environment. The #Cambiagesto tour continues tomorrow in the cities of Fiumicino, Venice and Taranto with awareness actions carried out by the partner associations Retake, a non-profit movement active in the field of environmental protection, and Plastic Free, which for years has been committed to involving citizenship on the issues of plastic pollution. (HANDLE).

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