Call Me by Your Name: Timothée Chalamet sequel has been canceled

There has been talk for a long time of the sequel of Call Me By Your Name. After the huge success of Luca Guadagnino’s film, which launched the career of Timothée Chalamet, the production of the second chapter of the story of Oliver and Elio now seemed to be a certain thing.

And instead it is a concluded everything in a stalemate. After a series of rumors that had confirmed the cast and also a plot road movie already written, the production was suddenly abandoned and the deleted movie. The choice not to participate in the sequel to James Ivory, the screenwriter of the original film for which he won the Oscar, perhaps should have given us some doubts.

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To confirm the closure of the project Call Me By Your Name 2 is state the director himself. In a recent interview with Deadline to promote his new film project Bones & All, Guadagnino reluctantly revealed the cancellation of the film:

The truth is my heart is still there but I’m working on this movie now and I hope to make Scarface soon and I have a lot of projects. I want to focus on what’s happening on this side of the Atlantic and the films I want to make.

Probably what played an important role in the end of the project was the scandal that struck Armie Hammer.

In any case, even if Timmy he will never return as Elio, we will see him as one of the protagonists of Bones & All, hold on tight, because it will be a cannibal love story.

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