Britney Spears is released from custody and thanked the fans: #FreedBritney


Britney Spears he sent a message to the fans, after Los Angeles Court Justice Brenda Penny put an end to personal and property custody which had started in 2008.

Good God, I love my fans so much, that’s crazy !!! I think I’ll cry for the rest of the day 🥺❤️ – wrote the 39-year-old singer on Instagram, posting a video of the fans celebrating outside the courthouse – The best day ever … Praise the Lord … Can I have an amen?

He added the hashtag FreedBritney, like movement #FreeBritney but with the verb “Free” finally in the past tense.

Britney Spears with betrothed Sam Asghari – getty images

Brenda Penny approved the artist’s father’s request Jamie Spears from finish the conservatorship, in the light of the words of the famous daughter who last summer had explained how the protection required heavy restrictions on his freedom. Jamie Spears has been managing custody since 2008.

In September, the 69-year-old had been suspended from his role as guardian effective immediately, at the request of Britney Spears’ lawyer, Matthew Rosengart (the star was only able to choose her lawyer a few months ago). In his place, as a temporary guardian until the end of the year, the businessman was indicated John Zabel, suggested by the star’s lawyer.

How the #FreeBritney movement was born


Britney Spears will celebrate her 40th birthday on December 2 – getty images

In 2017, the comedians and fans of Britney Spears, Tess Barker And Barbara Gray, have inaugurated a podcast in which they commented on the Instagram of their favorite.

Two years later, they received and aired a message from a person who claimed to have worked for a law firm involved in the guardianship case. This “deep throat” said that Britney had been admitted to rehab against her will. Shortly before, the star had canceled the residency concerts in Las Vegas scheduled between February and August 2019.

After that message, Tess and Barbara focused their efforts on understand and highlight what was happening in the conservatorship and a lot of fans started joining them in what became the movement #FreeBritney.

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