Brevet des vaccins: la Commission confirme à l’OMC son ouverture aux licences obligatory

Lorsque the cooperative volunteered, the obligatory licenses “are a legal entity in the context of a pandemic”, confirms the Commission.

Vaccins: The European Union places its priorities in the augmentation of production capacity and the level of barriers to trade. The Commission has the privilege of volunteer licenses, and not one of the levies.

The European Commission will present its proposal to the World Trade Organization (OMC) on a universal and equitable basis for anti-Covid vaccines. Comme elle l’avait laissé entrevoir il ya deux semaines dans le debate sur la levée des brevets, les licences obligatoires y ont bien leur place.

In addition to large exports of vaccines to the world, the European Union places its priorities in the augmentation of production capacity – not only in Africa – but also the barrier to trade.

Concernat intellectual property and the share of the expertise, the Privilege Commission of the volunteer licenses, and not a levée of brevets telle that the proposal of the American President Joe Biden.

At the end of the volunteer’s license, the vaccine developer and the cooperating producer

At the expense of the volunteer license, the vaccine developer and the co-operative producer, generally with the transfer of connaissances and key technologies.

However, the voluntary volunteer cooperative, the obligatory licenses “are a legitimacy in the context of a pandemic”, confirms the Commission. These compulsory licenses are subject to a government agreement and a free license for a factory producer with a vaccine without the consent of the holder of the title, in exchange for an “adequate repair”.

In this case, the transfer of expertise is not guaranteed. However, in the case of a complete brevet, we should observe the Commission, not only the developer of the vaccine is not remunerated, but the absence of interaction between them and the producer will be equal to the transfer of improbable expertise.

The Commission was irritated by Joe Biden’s proposal, saying that the United States exported its front-runners during the production of vaccines produced by its territory, according to the United States of America on the basis of the total production level. .

The Commission does not ignore the objects of members of the OMC pointing to the complexity of the mission in the case of compulsory licenses. She advances the suggestions for facilitating the use and forcing the legal security.

The European Parliament, with its corner, is divided into the proposal of Joe Biden, a court of majority in the European Union, which includes 293 for, 284 against and 119 abstentions.

Producing the vaccines via the sellents of brevet is inacceptable

La Grande-Brittany’s proposal to base the production of vaccines uniquely on companies that have a reputation is “inacceptable”, and the European Union’s response to commercialization and privateization, in the margins of a ministerial district de la Santé du G7.

Alors que plusieurs pays ont déjà bien avancé dans leur campagne de vaccination, d’autres accusent un retard pour se procurer les doses de vaccin, par manque d’argent. The ministers of the G7 Council will reunite the Jews at the University of Oxford to discuss the problem, in the wake of the G7 summit, first of all, which will validate a decision on the issue.

“Public funds will continue to finance exponential profits for companies and business owners who are always dependent on their resources for these public funds”, said the European Research Council against commercialization and private investment.

Selon le Réseau, la charité et l’aide humanitaire ne sont pas suffisants pour lutter contre la pandemie. The appeal in the first place of the G7 to support the derogation of the World Trade Organization (OMC) on the rights of intellectual property on all medical products Covid-19.

The souhaite organization is equal to the G7 oblige companies to share in the technology and to make a vaccine with vaccines with qualifying manufacturers in the developing countries. The solution is a little fun to make a financial aid to maximize the offer. “If the G7 countries are seriously taking over this pandemic, these elements are indispensable,” the organization concluded in a press release.

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