Brazil: right in the square against Bolsonaro in various cities

RIO DE JANEIRO, 13 SEPTEMBER – Several hundred people demonstrated against Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro on the initiative of right-wing movements, a few days after the massive mobilizations in support of the conservative leader. The protests, in Rio de Janeiro and other cities, were launched by groups such as the Free Brazil Movement (MBL) and Vem Pra Rua (Vnez in the streets, VPR), the same ones who in 2016 had asked for and obtained the ouster of the left-wing president Dilma Rousseff (of the Workers’ Party, PT) and who today defend a “third way” for the presidential elections of 2022 with the slogan “Neither Bolsonaro nor Lula”. Organizers had expected massive membership, but without the support of parties like former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva’s PT, the demonstration appeared contained. In Rio de Janeiro, a few hundred people gathered on Copacabana beach, many wearing white T-shirts as a sign of political neutrality, mixing Brazilian flags (identified on the right), LGBT colors and “Lula 2022” T-shirts. In Sao Paulo, several hundred protesters dressed in white gathered on Paulista Avenue, where Bolsonaro had gathered around 125,000 supporters on Tuesday. The largest anti-Bolsonaro protests in recent months, with tens of thousands of participants, have been called by major leftist groups, including the PT and the United Workers’ Central (CUT). Almost a year after the presidential election, Bolsonaro and Lula lead the votes in polls, which show an advantage for the former union leader in a possible second round. (HANDLE).

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