Brazil: Bolsonaro renames Torre Pisa to ‘Torre di Pizza’

SAN PAOLO, 04 NOV – The Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, continues to ring one gaffe after another, returning from his trip to Italy, where he participated in the G20. Speaking in public during the 5G auction kick-off ceremony this morning in Brasilia, he renamed the Tower of Pisa the “Torre di Pizza”. A misunderstanding that, to tell the truth, seems more linked to a speech impediment from Italian to Portuguese, but which nevertheless surprised the local media. “I travel around Brazil, but also around the world. I was recently in Italy. I drove the whole trip, two hours total, I had internet. But it struck me when I went to visit the Torre di Pizza and a guy asked me: ‘What about the Amazon? Is it on fire? ‘”, Said the head of state. In recent days, in addition to participating in the summit of leaders in Rome, Bolsonaro was in Anguillara Veneta, the city of origin of one of his great-grandparents, where he received honorary citizenship, and then went to Pistoia, where he visited the monument in honor of the Brazilians who fought in the Second World War, finally making a tourist stop also in Pisa. Meeting with Matteo Salvini in Pistoia, he called him “Salvati” describing the face to face with the leader of the League to a group of supporters. All just days after he swapped the name of the US climate special envoy, John Kerry, with that of comedian Jim Carrey. (HANDLE).

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