Bownce AG starts first financing round

Bownce AG starts its first financing round. What are the advantages of investing in the Bownce token?

  • Security Token Offering (STO) with blockchain technology enables an innovative digital investment process
  • Base dividend of up to 6 percent per year
  • With the “Bownce Ball” a new future sport is being created
  • Renowned managers and experts on the supervisory board and board of directors

Bownce AG starts its innovative community program this Wednesday. It enables all participants to participate in the success of Bownce – not only in terms of sport, but also financially. This is made possible by a “Security Token Offering” (STO) in the form of tokenized participation rights. STOs are a new way of participating in the growth of a company and benefiting from it from day one. The tokenization of assets is generally considered to be an important step for the digitization of the financial industry. Investors can now subscribe to Bownce AG tokens and benefit from attractive investment conditions.

This innovative type of corporate financing from Bownce offers a profit sharing in the form of a basic dividend of up to 6 percent per year combined with an additional surplus dividend as well as a fully automatic and digital subscription; the term is six years.

Bownce wants to revolutionize the sports and fitness industry. Our Bownce Ball is a digitized piece of sports equipment that everyone can afford. That’s why we want as many people as possible to join the Bownce community. And we don’t just want them to buy and use our product, we also want them to benefit financially. That is why we are now starting our STO program.

Vitalij Zittel, founder and CEO of Bownce AG

“We see Bownce as a joint project that aims to strengthen health in our society by promoting sport and thus make the world a bit better,” says Zittel: “Not everyone can afford an investment of 100,000 euros or more. We are not just a sports start-up, but also a tech start-up – and that’s why we came up with a digital solution: With our community program, you can be there for as little as 1,000 euros. “

The start-up founded in 2019 with locations in Berlin and Konstanz wants to revolutionize the fitness industry. With the help of digitization, a globally networked community and a previously uniquely implemented competitive concept, the training should not only become more efficient and healthier, but also be even more fun.

What are security tokens?

Security tokens are blockchain-based digital securities, the issue of which is regulated. If the tokenized securities are offered for sale by the issuer, one speaks of a Security Token Offering (STO). The fast processing, high transparency, low transaction costs and higher liquidity make STOs an attractive investment opportunity.

Tokenized profit participation rights are securities that convey property rights such as profit sharing.

A new sport – the “Bownce Ball”

With a specially developed “Bownce Ball”, the first IoT sports device of its kind, a completely new type of sport is being created. Other sports equipment – such as a new generation of dumbbells or skipping ropes, for example – are to follow. The number of exercises as well as their execution as well as health data such as pulse rate are tracked via sensors. These are then transferred to an app, where the evaluation can be called up digitally. In this way, the individual training progress can be observed; The app also gives tips on how to make training even more effective. With the help of the gamification approach, the frequency of training should also be increased; after all, you can compete with other Bownce athletes around the world via a community function.

The company has now completed the development phase for the “Bownce Ball”, the sensor system and the associated app. Industrial production of the products is currently being ramped up. In the spring of 2022, the “Bownce Ball” will come onto the market in the DACH region. More sports equipment from Bownce will follow.

The management around CEO Vitalij Zittel and COO Volker Dökel (including ex-Lufthansa) is supported by the AI ​​pioneer Chris Boos as Chief of Data Design; Boos is also a member of the Federal Government’s Digital Council. Several experienced managers and experts are active on the supervisory board, led by chairman Uwe Hück (long-time head of the Porsche works council).

More information on Bownce’s STO:


Bownce ( is the first IoT sports device of its kind, which offers players versatile and user-oriented training. The technology start-up, founded in 2019, combines health, flexibility, fun and community with the patented training device. Bownce adapts to various lifestyles and training requirements. Using an app, users can check their fitness level, continuously improve it and reduce stress in everyday life with fun and joy. Interactions with other users of the app form the basis of a separate Bownce community. By competing against each other, you can win crypto utility tokens through a direct blockchain connection. Bownce’s goal is to promote positive social change by promoting sport and enabling users to become part of a new movement.

Risk notice

Risk notice: The acquisition of token-based profit participation rights is associated with considerable risks and can lead to the complete loss of the assets invested. The main risks lie in the lack of business success of the “Bownce IoT sports device”. Further risks can be found in the key information sheet.

This information is purely of a promotional nature. To assess the token-based participation rights, only the information in the key information sheet is relevant, which was published on the website and can be downloaded there free of charge.

The issuer of the token-based participation rights is Bownce AG ( Bownce Vermittlungs GmbH & Co. KG is a contractually bound broker within the meaning of Section 2 (10) KWG and, when brokering financial instruments pursuant to Section 1 (1a) sentence 2 number 1 KWG, is exclusively for the account and under liability of Effecta GmbH , Florstadt, active. Bownce Vermittlungs GmbH & Co. KG is registered with BaFin as a tied agent. BaFin register-bound intermediaries (register number: 80174121).

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