Boston Dynamics’ humanoid robot now knows how to do a double back flip

Like a human, he knew how to run. Like a human, he also knew how to grab an object, such as a parcel on the ground or a handle, and therefore open a door. Dancing to the rhythm did not pose any major difficulty to him, doing somersaults – not without grace – did not frighten him either.

The homo sapiens sapiens that we are will now have to accept reality: the humanoid robot, developed by the American company Boston Dynamics, a specialist in robotics for military use, knows how to perform a double back somersault.

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“Exceeded” limits

Boston Dynamics unveiled this video on Tuesday, August 17, attesting to relentless work to develop the capabilities of its humanoid robot:

“This is the most complex Parkour (acrobatic sport discipline consisting of overcoming urban or natural obstacles) that they have been able to accomplish”, details the company. “The limits of their mobility, their perception and their athletic intelligence have been exceeded”, she communicated.

Welcome to the warehouse of tomorrow, where robots have their hands

And to clarify: it is not so much the double back salto which is impressive, but rather the succession of a series of technical movements, requiring as much precision as training.

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