Borrell, we need to talk to the Taliban, they won

BRUSSELS, AUG 17 – “We will have to get in touch with the authorities in Kabul, whoever is there, the Taliban have won the war so we need to talk to each other, to discuss and avoid a migration disaster and a humanitarian crisis”, as well as “prevent the return of terrorism ”: said the high representative of EU foreign policy, Josep Borrell, at the end of the Foreign Affairs Council. The conclusion of the Foreign Affairs Council, added Borrell, “is that the first objective is to ensure the evacuation of our staff, of the Afghan staff who worked for us, and of those who want to leave the country, we cannot abandon them, we will do all the possible to give him shelter ”The high EU representative thanked Italy for the air corridor, France for military security on the ground, and the other EU countries that have provided visas for the 400 Afghan workers of EU institutions. (HANDLE).

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