Boro Boro returns to collaborate with Don Joe in the new song “35”

After the success of “Lento” (triple platinum), Boro Boro and Don Joe come back to join forces in “35”, new single out on Thursday 25 November.

It promises to be a song rap and hip-hop naked and raw, which symbolizes the culmination of the rapper’s journey to date.

Written by Boro Boro himself and produced, in fact, by Don Joe, “35” is preceded by a long intro told by the artist himself who reads:

Son of a generation doomed before he was born. The road was about to take everything away from me and I was ready to let it go. But there was something inside me that gave me a different rhythm, a little more colorful than those gray squares where I spent my days. Music, my lifelong companion, saved me“(…) I continued on my way, it was easy to get down but I didn’t, I plunged into writing, I wrote pages and whole pages. I don’t know why, I leave it to you to choose, maybe the golds have arrived unexpected but deserved, because I have not forgotten the sweat at the battles and hopeless trips to get someone to hear your song, with just the money for the train. That feeling of not being able to do it, all those who for the umpteenth time will look at you with strange faces, without understanding your art. I believed it against the skeptical looks of those who do not try to do anything, contenting themselves with what happens, I wanted all this and it’s just the beginning“.

Waiting to know what “35” will be like, you can listen to it again below “Slow” feat Mambolosco produced by Don Joe.

ph cover image: press office, credit Antonio De Masi

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